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Glass beads & pendants

Beads made from glass can be translucent or opaque, they may be faceted or fire polished to add extra sparkle or frosted for a sleeker look. We have Venetian, foil and lampwork glass beads and pendants to name a few, you will no doubt find something for any design in this part of our site. AB in the fire polished sections refers to Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights as the finish on these beads is as colourful and beautiful as the natural phenomenon.

Glass.jpg      · Faceted glass beads
· Unfaceted glass beads
· Fire polished glass beads
· Fire polished glass pendants
· Foil glass beads
· Foil glass pendants
· Frosted glass beads
· Glass pendants
· Lampwork glass beads
· Lampwork glass pendants
· Leaf beads
· Plated glass beads
· Venetian glass beads
· Venetian glass pendants



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