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How to shop

Feeling Inspired's products are organised into material categories. You can either browse through the categories on the left-hand side of each page or search for a product if you know what you're looking for, for example if you would like heart shaped beads you can type heart into the search box on the right-hand side of each page. Click on Advanced search for more options.

Once you are on a products page (the page where you see lots of small pictures of products on the one page) you can click on any of the pictures to go to a product details page. On this page you will see a larger picture of that item and more information about it. On this page you can type in the box next to Amount the quantity you would like of that item, then click Add to cart.

If you are logged in—you can sign in or register at any time in the Sign in box on the right-hand side of each page—you will also see an Add to Wish List button on the product details page. Your wish list is a place you can keep items that you want to remember but you don't want to buy straight away. It is handy if you like browsing over a few days and then checking out once you have compiled your wish list, or if you regularly buy the same items and you don't want to search for them every time or if you find something you like but can't afford it until your next order. Any item you add to your Wish List will remain there until you remove it, even if you leave the site. To remove an item from your wish list simply click on the grey cross next to that item.

If you have any queries please call 02 9999 6624 or email us at sydney@feelinginspired.com.au.



Home   |   Contact us  |   Terms & conditions  |   How to shop  |   Site map