Water colours are soothing to the eye and refreshing to the mind. Spoil yourself with this vibrant colour scheme to match this Season’s exciting fashion.

This necklace is easy and simple to make. Cut a length of 0.45 tigertail, making it however long you desire. There will be chain at the back of the necklace so keep this in mind when choosing how long your tigertail is. I have chosen the beautiful teal coloured 8mm opaque glass ball bead and placed a 6mm cyan coloured chalcedony ball bead next to it and a cornflower blue coloured 6mm facetedchalcedony ball bead on the other side. In between these sequences I have used a faceted Bali bead with a 2mm metal spacer ball either side of the Bali bead. In the centre of my necklace I have used the metal tree pendant in silver which looks fabulous. At the back of my necklace I have added some silver chain, making the necklace long enough to slip over the head and therefore requiring no clasp.

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