It’s no secret that when you see a big bowl of colourful candy, you simply can’t resist but to grab a handful, or two..I won’t tell if you don’t.  Same goes for this delightful bracelet which will be sure to grab anyones attention. It just wants to shout out Here I am! 

This bracelet is made using the very versatile memory wire. Choose a thickness that relates to what beads you are going to use too. If you choose small light in weight beads go a finer thickness, but if you choose beads that are chunky and have some weight to them then they deserve the thicker memory wire. Remember don’t go too big or chunky with your beads as you don’t want it being too heavy and falling off you wrist. Like with the candy bowl… moderation is the key. Now back to our eye candy, I have used a mix of hot pink, orange, yellow and golden orange beads that look scrumptious together.  The coral coloured opaque stone ball beads in 8mm work well, as do the faceted 6mm blood orange and hot pink coloured chalcedony ball beads. These are also available in different sizes. To add some real pizzaz to it there is the great golden-orange 10mm faceted chalcedony ball bead. There is also a wonderful array of brightly coloured plain chalcedony ball beads in a range of sizes. The opaque glass ball beads, avaliable in 8mm and 10mm sizes, are fantastic too for this project. I have used the gorgeous golden orange coloured 8mm bead from this range. To add some other shapes you can use the simulated amber rondelle shaped beads in yellow. So after the very exciting picking and choosing of beads all you have to do is string them onto your memory wire bracelet and curl the ends of the memory wire to finish off. You will need some memory wire cutters to cut your memory wire. And if you thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, why not add a charm to the end like the one I have chosen, saying Made With Love

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