Eye of the tiger necklace

Anyone who has ever looked into the piercing eyes of a big cat knows the mesmerising qualities of these emperors  of the animal kingdom. Named after the chatoyant effect of the tiger’s eye, our strand will fascinate and intrigue the wearer as well as those who lay their eyes upon those hand-polished beads. Stunning, contemporary and intriguing, those are the qualities of the tiger’s eye bead.

To make this necklace take a 95cm length of 0.45mm gold tigertail and crimp one end to any antique gold clasp, I’ve used a toggle clasp but you could use a parrot clasp or screw clasp if you’d prefer.

Thread on twenty 4mm antique gold ball spacer beads, 25 tiger’s eye cube beads, eleven antique gold faceted Bali beads and then and other 25 of the tiger’s eye beads. The next section is the centre section so after that just thread on the same beads you have until no but in reverse to make it symmetrical. The centre section consists of another eleven of the antique gold faceted beads. Once you have made it symmetrical crimp the other end onto the other side of your clasp.

The second strand is the same as the first, however you need to add an extra six tiger’s eye beads in, three on either side, to make it a little longer than the first strand. Crimp this to the same rings of the clasp and there you have it.

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