This necklace is fun to make, looks great, and above all is different. If you have a crocheting hook, use whatever you have, but a hook between 4mm and 6mm works best. Choose a stringing material which can either be a soft cord such as silk or polyester, or fishing line or it can be elastic which is what I have chosen. I used the black colour from our assorted round beading elastic pack. Elastic will stretch and you can easily wrap it around twice if you want a short double strand.

Here is how it is done:

Select you stringing material and your beads. I have used a black glass heart bead as my feature beads and the beautiful deep red dyed sea bamboo ball bead in a 9mm size. Place all your beads on your chosen material. You may need a sowing needle to assist in stringing on the beads if you have chosen a soft cord or elastic which hasn’t got a needle attached already. Our Griffin silk cords come in handy for this one as they have already got a needle attached. Otherwise there is a great beading needled called the Big eye beading needle, if you havn’t already got a sowing needle at home. Once you have your pattern and colour theme worked out, tie a slip knot at the beginning, about 7cm from the cut-off so you can tie the end bits together when you have finished. Start with five chain stitches, then feed in your first bead, and continue with regular intervals of chain stitches so to create the desired pattern. You will find this method very quick, fun to make and the results are great. If you are unfamiliar with slip knots and chain stitches have a look at some youtube clips on it. Experiment with small beads, large beads, short intervals of chain stitch or even irregular intervals.

I look forward to seeing your creations on facebook.

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