Ku-kui seeds come from massive big trees and when polished make for a great look in organic jewellery. Combined with ceramic and pumice stone beads and strung on two silk cords, this necklace complements khaki colours and makes for fun accessories.

Start by unwinding both your silk threads. I have used the griffin no. 16 size silk in brown and olive. Each Griffin silk cord comes with an attached needle. Tie a knot about 10cm from the end with both colours and put one of the needles through a ku-kui seed bead. Then bring both needles together through an antique gold metal ring, through your green coloured pumice stone bead and again through the metal ring. Continue in this way, alternating the ku-kui seeds with your ceramic bead. Once you have completed your pattern of five ceramic beads and six ku-kui seeds, tie a knot above the last metal ring, then decide on a length that suits your requirements, and feed your two silk threads with the needle attached through your first metal ring and come back to re-enforce your silk thread. Create a double twisted look (with four strands by now) by wrapping one set of cords around the original set of cords. Tie another knot to finish off your necklace. Seal the end bit of silk cord with some shellac to stop the ends fraying. You can hang little charms off the end bits to give you necklace individual style. I have used the  ever so sweet metal flower heart pendant on the ends. Although a pendant size, they still work fine with the necklace, and would tie in great for Mother’s Day. But of course there are many other wonderful charms to choose from as well.

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