You don’t have to be Count Dracula to enjoy a good night life. Go out with friends, meet new ones and simply have a ball. To get the ball rolling, put a range of opaque glass ball beads in an 8mm size onto tigertail, and space them out with 2mm metal spacer ball beads in black every so often to make the beads sit nicely. I have used dark blue opaque glass ball beads in my first row, followed by the gorgeous teal colour, then the magneta coloured beads, the coral beads, the golden orange coloured beads and last but not least the pale apricot coloured opaque glass ball beads. On the blue row of beads, thread a few black spikes on to give the necklace some bite. I have used two sizes. The 5mm x 36mm acrylic spike pendant and the 6mm x 54mm acrylic spike pendant. At the end connect all six rows all together to a filigree metal stamping, using crimps to attach the tigertail to the filagree stamping.  Now add a jet black coloured chain to the back of the necklace and you masterpiece is ready to wear.

Tip: To end your strand and connect it to the filagree stamping, add some wire guardians so that your tigertail looks neat and uniform. To do this, after your last bead, (I have used the 2mm metal spacer ball as my last bead) put a crimp on then a wire guardian, feed your tigertail through both parts of the wire guardian and then back out through the crimp. Easy. It not only looks good but also re-inforces your tigertail and guards against breaking.

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