The Southern Hemisphere is going into Winter and these smart wooden beads are just the thing to wear over woolens. Large but lightweight, they look impressive but don’t weight you down. Use tigertail for the main section of this necklace, but finish off with chain to avoid having bulk at the back.

Start by threading on a 3mm silver spacer ball onto 0.45 silver tigertail and then add a silver oblong beaten metal Bali bead followed by another 3mm spacer ball. Now place a silver daisy bead cap on followed by your oval wooden bead and another daisy bead cap on the end of that. Repeat this sequence until you have five wooden beads in place and six silver beads in place. To end both sides simply use crimps and attach to your chain, using wire guardians to achieve a professional finish. You will need crimping pliers and round nosed pliers for this part. You can choose any chain you like, but I have used our great gunmetal coloured chain. Voila, piece of cake.

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